Art Coefficient_03 Fogarolli | BOCCANERA | Alessandra

Art Coefficient is a video project by Mali Weil about a meeting between a contemporary artwork and a viewer. An ongoing format involving contemporary art institutions all around Europe.

What kind of bond is engendered between an artwork and a viewer?  This bond may be integrated in the economy of the art world?
Art Coefficient gathers single relationships of single viewers. Single meetings made by approaches and distances.

With the support of Fondazione Cariplo, Provincia Autonoma di Trento, Municipality of Trento.

with Alessandra Casalini
and Blackout by Christian Fogarolli
concept and realization Mali Weil
music Elettra Bargiacchi
production manager Anna Kalbhenn
audio postproduction Lorenzo Cela – Way Out studio
thanks to Giorgia Lucchi, Galleria Boccanera, Perypezye Urbane

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