Artists’ corner – Luis Montolio

Luis Montolio was born in the UK, lives and works in Valencia, Spain. After having tried his hand at various other occupations, he decides to give his life a kick-start, quits his job and enrols in a masters program in Photography at the age of thirty. His photographs show an original and realistic portrait of society and various interesting characters, who abound in humanity. In addition to some projects outside of his country, his photos were displayed at the Exhibit of Contemporary Art in Valencia and many of his works are placed on various building in the city of Valencia; an art gallery recreated in the streets. Now he would like to open an urban forest in the center of the neighborhood Carmen in Valencia. These are not the only projects that this lover of the streets, as he defines himself, has been working on.

Directed, filmed and produced by Giulia Viero
Edited by Piero Ali Passatore
Music by Josta


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