Barokthegreat – where dance moves

Barokthegreat operates within the vast range of the performing arts. Founded in 2008 by musician Leila Gharib and dancer-choreographer Sonia Brunelli, the group works with a particular focus on the mental roots of movement, the physicality and ritual function of music and the architecture of space as an inhabitable device. Barokthegreat’s productions are: The Origin (2008), Barok (2009), Wrestling – intuizioni sul mondo in attesa che diventino una costruzione compiuta (2010), Russian Mountains (2011), Fidippide (2011), Indigenous – dramma sonoro (2012), L’attacco del clone (2013). From 2012 Barokthegreat proposes an experimental year-long program for dancers and performers in the city of Verona where the group is currently based. With the editorial project Indigenous, Barokthegreat introduces the production of zines that, with the stickers’ serie, contributes to the group’s landscape definition through the collaboration with artists, designers and writers.

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