Escape the surface I – A matter of light

What’s a review? To renew a vision and tell what comes with it.
Both the words “critic” and “crisis”, come from the same greek root – the verb krino – which means to divide, separate, decide, judge.
I saw Picnic at Hanging Rock many times during the past years, and I realized it causes a crisis – literally – it brings to a point of change, it makes you pass to something different.
The movie is about a deep feeling of suspension: it describes the eternal struggle between culture and nature, rule and mistery, usual and unusual.
The use of light in the movie is one of the basis for this suspension. Light can make you see different things in the same elements, can make your figure vanish into the background, it can make you see the rhythms hidden in nature, or make you fight against a ruled shaped dimension.
Your way to look at reality, it’s totally up to you and your eyes.
That point, when the tears that fill the eyes stop for a moment. It’s the instant before crying and letting it go.
For me, Picnic at Hanging Rock is a way to explore that line, swinging on a thread.
I chose to try and show the movement that came from that vision.

Written, performed and directed by Isobel Blank
Music by Oui Mais Non, from the album ‘Mille Lires’ © Tandori Records (2012)

With the support of the Culture programme of the European Union

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