Escape the surface II – Places hold

There are many different kinds of surfaces, materially or metaphorically speaking, it doesn’t matter if it’s a wall, a floor, a social or body’s position, a rule or a daily object.
There are many different ways to escape a surface, an appearance, a shape.
Leaving a surface could mean to go deeper inside something or to try to become airy and detach from it.
“Place” could mean position, classification, location, disposition, settlement.
And places tend to hold.
Some places hold and release parts of you, like sponges.
With this kind of consciousness of the space we live in, not only the proper entrances/threshold, but every object or position we are used to – by routine or convention – could be seen as a line, a borderland, a space we are trapped in, or a place of passage and exit.

Written, performed and directed by Isobel Blank
Music by Oui Mais Non, from the album ‘Mille Lires’ © Tandori Records (2012)

With the support of the Culture programme of the European Union

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