Fratto_X Critica in MOVimento 2013

Critica in MOVimento is the award promoted by Perypezye Tv within the framework of the project “Un palinsesto culturale 2.0″ supported by Fondazione Cariplo. The award is assigned to critical analyses of a show and/or performance conducted through video production. You don’t need to be a professional critic to give voice to emotions or provide food for thought, in a positive or negative way. All you need is a smartphone or a webcam and a YouTube account.
This video partecipated in the 2013 edition of the award and was produced by Giulia Efnael Viero and Ornella Donini (with music by Federico Bosi) to reflect on the show “Fratto_X” by Antonio Rezza and Flavia Rastrella. That show is based on algebric metaphors/analogies: the characters discuss topics such as identity and relationships, the same concepts studied by algebra. In the theatre numbers are substituted with men, victims of unforgivable superficiality, which is the foundation of a society incapable of redeeming the annihilation of real human contact, having substituted it with a false sense of artificial reality. The “X” does not represent un unknown quantity, but the conscious sign of a lost identity.

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