“Inside Out” Public art project

Public Art in Tirana, Albania – made by the public.
The artwork entitled ‘Inside Out” consists of a series of wall sections decorated to resemble things found inside a home. The large mosaic makes up 3 ‘carpets’, with a fourth ‘carpet’ next to it, as though being hung to dry on the wall. The piece also contains 2 mirrored mosaics, and 1 chalk board to encourage citizen interaction. The artist is Jedidjah Slagter, who was assisted by members of the local community from age 14 to 70 years. The artwork was made possible through the cooperation of community members, personal funding, and neighbourly labour. This project has no relation to Municipal or State government, and was supported by Ekphrasis Studio and the artist. Music by Crackerjack Collective (www.crackerjack.it)

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