La bella addormentata (Sleeping Beauty)

La bella addormentata takes us back to an ancient myth, present everywhere, which dramatizes the archetype of rebirth, death and resurrection, revival, rebirth of the earth in spring, symbol of the cycle of life / death / life.

The dive into a deep sleep, underwater, in a parallel life. The awakening in the burial does not interrupt the sleep in the dimension of reality, where an ancient solitude in a desolate village and the alienation of modern life, that presents and offers various kinds of “stunning”, alternate. Like an alternation of states, sleep / wake, the presence of two parallel worlds, the world of consciousness and the world of darkness, the chthonic, one of the darkest and most remote regions of the psyche, in a continuous reversal of reality.

Sette Project by Collettivo K aims to read fairy tales as an adventure into the female psyche: sources of inspiration for this kind of reading are, primarily, Pinkola Estes’s “‘Women Who Run with Wolves” and Angela Carter’s  ”The Bloody Chamber”, texts offering a psychoanalytic and a modernized view of fairy tales.

The first two videos of this project (“Barbablù” and “La bella addormentata”) were shot in Malta, the land of the Mother Goddess, where the biggest temples dedicated to her are, such as Hagar Qim or Gigantija, the megalithic temple in the island of Gozo, one of the oldest places of worship in the Mediterranean, dating back to 5,000 years before Christ.

Both videos have a circular structure, giving a kind of cyclicity and infinite duration to this journey, as in the recurrence of stages required to achieve the transmutation of the elements in the alchemical process. The descent within the Self meanders through the debatings of the Ego.

Archaic female figures who keep “young women” in their paths recur in both videos: the black woman in La Bella Addormentata (Sleeping beauty). The passage of the keys symbolizes the path to awareness, but also the deep connection inside the internal elements of the Self that allows a kind of metamorphosis of attitude resulting in a change in real life, as well as the link between the infinite generations of women.

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