Radici (RootsMe): #SleepingBeautyinSneakers

RADICI (#RootsMe) is a project that observes how the territory affects the body. We have observed and explored the two sisters, Malta and Gozo, through four points of view, allowing the place itself to suggest the interpretation of each observation point:
structure of the land and the structure of the bodies
food and houses / private and public space / urban archeology
hands and manual work
walking and path ways

#SleepingBeautyinSneakers Is our common thread, a body clad in evening dress, it needs comfortable shoes to adapt to fast changes of state of this land. An island, in continuous dialogue with the sea, where almost everything comes from the sea, where in order to leave you have to cross the sea. Rock, clay, sand, wind, people, scent of thyme at every step, garbage, the rest is entrusted to the core of the rock, in the name of the Father and Son, and the Holy Spirit, I embrace.

concept Paola Ponti (Compagnia Iris) e Stefano Tedioli
filming Stefano Tedioli
dancer and editing
Paola Ponti
recorded with our phones along our journey
music Professor Kliq, “Movements EP”-  Giulio Escalona

with the support of  European Social Fund – Regione Lombardia – Genista Research Foundation
a production of Perypezye Urbane

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