Spring & Stalin

This video-installation is based on 27,000 stills photographed from the archives of the National Television in Tirana. The movie is accompanied by a poem by the writer Ismail Kadare, which was published in “The teacher and the Art”, 1953, pp. 49- 53. It is a reflection on the mentality and nature of the transition period in my home country.

Kadare’s poem is intentionally recited by an anonymous fictional voice that has no clue of poetry, not even of language, and that reads in a mechanical and computer-like manner, with a low rhythm and almost sleepy, which later on generates a chaotic tension to an upgrowing stressed babbling. All this pandemonium unfolds the idea of false propaganda and governmental elite hypocrisy that in fact displays doubt in these images, which are not believed and understood even by those who say it.

Here, the goal is not to stigmatize Kadare’s work, but the veiling of reality in that happy and idyllic disguise, behind which was hidden the drama of persecuted people, unable to have freedom of speech and freedom of individuality, who tried to survive in a oppressed and isolated society.

Artist: Robert Aliaj DRAGOT

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