Why support us?

SHARECULTURE! TV is a Europe-wide, citizen oriented platform for collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating cultural news and information. That means it presents YOUR stories, while also giving YOU the opportunity to be a part of EVERYONE’S stories!
SHARECULTURE! has a mandate to train citizen journalists and spread cultural stories, while developing the platform into a truly European channel for cultural reporting. In order to maximize our efforts, your support is encouraged and greatly appreciated.

How to support us?

Share: You can support us by uploading your own videos in the Share section.
You can also spread the word and share the channel with other internet users.
Sponsorship: SHARECULTURE has a large market reach, focused for 2013-14 on Italy, Spain, Malta, Albania, France, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Bosnia-Herzegovina. We are happy to host advertising for companies or organizations looking to expand their market reach, while showing support for Europe’s cultural activities.


List of project supporters (this section is under construction)