Tour de Culture (Kosovo) 2013 – Video story

Tour de Culture is the only non-competitive cycling and recreational activity in Kosovo OPEN TO ALL, professionals and amateurs, the young and the old, men and women. This event, organized for the sixth year in the row, has become a traditional and attention-grasping activity in Kosovo, while revealing corners of our country. This is achieved by the increasing number of enthusiastic participants every year and great support from the local and international institutions, including local businesses and media.

Tour de Culture is an initiative of Cultural Heritage without Borders (CHwB) and UN-Habitat’s Municipal Spatial Planning Support Programme (MuSPP), both funded by Sweden, and conducted in close cooperation with local partners in Kosovo. This unique activity in Kosovo, consists of synergies arising from principles of the European Heritage Days (EHD), European Mobility Week (EMW) and respective framework programmes of CHwB and UN-Habitat.

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