Water in the City

Water as a symbol can be found in cultural and historical aspects in the cities of Gjirokastra and Berat and the view of countless individual water tanks is very clear from the current landscape of the roofs of Berat and Gjirokastra and throughout the country.  The efficiency of elevating water tanks is in storing gravity-fed water for later use. If the water deposit is located at ground level, a pump is needed and uses additional power, which is still not consistently guaranteed 24/7.

If we have already used these water tanks for 20 years, for how many more years will these objects be part of our water culture?  When does it reach the point where water tanks should be protected as heritage?  And if we are to look at them every day, every where in the country, shouldn’t we do something about it?

In reference to the article Water in the City, we are pleased to begin the campaign to address the issue of endless visual pollution in Albania, starting with the following themes:

1) Rooftop Water Tanks

2) Satellite Dishes

3) Power Boxes

4) Garbage Bins

5) Walls

6) Lamp / Telephone poles

Under each of these themes, we aim to bring attention and action to the aesthetic, artistic and safety hazards and potentials.

Read more at ekphrasisstudio.com.

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